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106.5F and 175bpm

by on March 12, 2011

What the hell?

I went downstairs to eat dinner and watch some TV and when I get back she’s on fire.  That’s not a typo.  She had a temperature of 106.5F.  I just didn’t believe it so I took my temperature:  97.8F.  The thermometer is working fine.  She’s on fire.

I pull the sheet off her and turn on the room fan.  I grab a half-dozen towels and wet them in the bathroom sink.  I wrap both arms and both feet.  I fold a towel and put it on her head.  I fold another one and put it on her tummy.  Then I go to my bedroom frig.

I grab a bottle of ice water and get back to the room.  I pour the ice water onto each of the wet towels to get them really cold.  I am surprised to see that the one on her head is already warm.  I wet all of them down well and prep the Tylenol suppository.

I administer the Tylenol and retake her temperature.  It’s only been about 10 minutes.  Her temp’s down but still too high.  I remove and replace each towel after I put a bit more icy water on them.  I wait a few minutes and recheck.  Lower but too high.  20 minutes pass and now she’s a balmy 100F.  A few more minutes pass:  99F.  I start pulling off the towels.  I don’t want to drop her temp too low.  Arms come off first:  98.5F.  Followed by legs: 98F.  Nice.

I notice that the vein in her forehead is throbbing so I feel her wrist for a heart rate.  It’s beating REALLY fast so I re-take her Blood Pressure and Heart Rate using my nifty automated Costco armband thing:  110/100 at 175 beats per minute.  That’s about right.  Damn near three-times-a-second.

I would normally freak out but her normal at rest heart rate is about 120 bpm.  An elevated reading under duress and with the remnants of Atripine still in her system, I can see it being high.  I’ll check again later tonight.

It’s now been 90 minutes since this all started and her temp is a normal 97.7F with only a towel on her head.  I’ll check again in a few hours.

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  1. Tina Ray permalink

    Never a dull moment on the weekends!!! I’ll be bringing more beer to the house!!! Love you!!

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