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by on March 31, 2011

In the coming few days, I will be downloading this entire blog and converting it to book form.  I want to preserve it so Kandice and Jillian can read about their Mommy and our struggle with cancer.  I will give it to them when they are older and can better understand it.

A few months ago I had experimented with the blog download and conversion process.  I was surprised to see that the final product at the time was over 350 pages long.  Wow.  After our stint in hospice, I’d imagine that it’s now at the 400 page level.  Kinko’s offers a complete book making service so my plan was set and I was excited about it.

I was discussing my plans with a good friend a few weeks ago and she made an excellent suggestion:  I could make extra copies of the book and donate them to cancer resource libraries.

Since I am still looking for the positive from this experience, this idea was really profound.  We could be help people by telling Satomi’s story.  She’d like that.

If any of you would like an electronic pdf copy, just let me know and I’ll E-mail it to you.  The hard bound books will be expensive ($90 to $150 each) but you are welcome to purchase those too.  Again, just E-mail me at and we can discuss it separately.

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  1. Eileen Cor permalink

    I came across your blog via linkedIn. I wanted to suggest for publishing your book both paper and kindle. I don’t know the details, but info is available on their website. I do know it is not expensive and it is a user friendly process. All the best~

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