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Eulogy from Sisters

by on March 26, 2011

We saw Satom as independent, headstrong, and doing things her way.  We also  thought  that Satomi had like a “Napolean complex” or” Little Man’s syndrome”. She was small so she had to talk loud and be more forceful so people would listen. At least that is how we always viewed her as her younger sisters. Growing up, we never really felt close to Satomi. We didn’t have that much in common back then. She was always more into her studies and we were more into hair, make-up, and fashion.  But as we got older, married, and had children, we became a very close and a supportive family. We found that even if we were very different, we had the same values. No matter what happened, we were all there for each other.  It’s something, we guess, our parents taught us without even knowing it. All four of us were always very blessed because of our parents. Though Satomi suffered this terrible disease, she knew that she was more fortunate than most.

The last few months have been very difficult. To see Satomi deteriorate and become weaker and weaker was unbelievable.  We slowly started to surrender to the fact that she wasn’t going to be with us much longer.  During this time we saw just how many great people she befriended and came to know how much so many people truly loved her.

A friend of ours said that it is not the quantity of life that matters, but the quality.  Satomi’s life was cut too short, but she did the things that meant most to her. She married, had two beautiful girls who she was able to love and who loved her back. She was able to help people with her work as a physical therapist and you can see how many people she touched by all the love in this room.

Although her last few months she was bed ridden and she could not do the things she wanted, she never felt sorry for herself. That was so amazing we thought, but then again, that was Satom.

Satomi, we know that you did the best you could with this cancer, but we know that you could not do it anymore. It is very telling that just before you passed, you came to Kiyomi wearing your wedding gown with a big smile on your face. You waved good bye and asked for us to take care of your girls for you.  Though we will miss you deeply, Satomi, we are happy that you are no longer in pain and at peace.  We will take good care of your girls.

Satomi gave us all a gift. She gave us the gift of knowing that life is precious so never take it for granted. Her spirit will always be with us.

Our mom, Isao and we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for their love and support. But especially,

  • Tina Ray, thank you for sitting by Satomi and taking care of her day in and out.
  • Irene Teh and Brenda Cole, thank you for being by her side, being her best friend and making her last days as fun as it could be.
  • Sandra Anderson and Akemi Nakanishi, thank you for flying all the way out to LA, leaving your families to take care of Satomi
  • Joyce Wakatani, thank you for coming as often as you did and all your prayers
  • Sean Okamoto for taking care of Satomi.

~Hiromi & Kiyomi

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