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Since the end of 2007, Sean has been primary care-giver for his cancer-stricken wife, Satomi, and their young daughters Kandice (6) and Jillian (4). 

Satomi had been a licensed Physical Therapist specializing in Neurological disorders, teaching Stroke patients to walk again, before being placed on Disability. 

Sean started an environmental consulting and equipment firm in August 2010 but spends most of his time caring for his family.

The family makes their home in Orange County, California and are surrounded by many supportive family and friends.

This blog is an attempt at informing all-interested of Satomi’s progress.  Hopefully it will also serve as a bit of stress relief.

  1. uncle rodney permalink

    we are praying to God to ease your discomfort and to provide healing.

  2. Dave Kawada permalink

    I may be the only person calling you Carol. So you can guess who this is.

    it is good to hear that you are talking “shop” with the PT’s. Probably telling them what to do. I still remember your professional advice a long time ago, “If it hurts when you do this…..don’t do it.”

    I still follow that logic and pass it on.

    Hang in there and say “hi” to the kids for me!

  3. Sandra Anderson permalink

    I received your letter in the mail today. I was so joyed to see your beautiful girls, but so saddened to hear about Satomi! I had no idea the struggles and hardships that you all have been going through. I am praying for Satomi for healing, comfort and peace. I am praying for strength and guidance for you Sean. I would love to come out to help and see Satomi and the family. I feel so helpless so far away(NJ). Let me know if there is a time that I could come and be of some assistance and to see Satomi. Pass on my love to Satomi!

  4. George Uraguchi permalink


    If possible, please shoot me a note so I have your e-mail. I do think of Satomi often.

    Satomi was a great influence on my youngest daughter Katie as she babysat her toddler years. I’d come to Grandma Sue’s house to pick Katie up, and there would be Katie playing dress up announcing to me “Just like, Satomi”

    Prayers with you.


  5. Pam Burch (formerly with IMS) permalink

    I am so sorry to hear about your loss.
    I remember the talks we had regarding your wedding plans, your first home, babies and your comments about Satomi’s work and accomplishments.
    Time will soften some of your sorrow. I know she will be looking down at you and the girls helping to guide you and keep you strong.
    I’ll keep you and the girls in my prayers.

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