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In Stride

by on March 31, 2011


Jillian speaks about her mommy dying very openly.  I thought she may be having trouble appreciating the reality of the situation.  Being 4 years old, I wasn’t sure what was “normal”.  She’s slept well but has had a few emotional outbursts at school.  The teachers said it wasn’t that bad given what had happened to her. We were worried so I took her to therapy.  Jillian was a bit reserved but eventually opened up a little bit.  She drew a picture that said “I Love You Mommy” on the bottom and played games.  All the while she timidly spoke to the Therapist.  Afterward, I was told that she was doing quite well and I shouldn’t be worried.  There will be good and bad days but keep being supportive and it’ll work out fine.

Kandice had things a bit more difficult.  She has bad dreams and cries in school almost everyday.  She spoke to her teacher and with my permission, the school psychologist.  I spoke with the psychologist after Kandice’s session.  She acknowledged Kandice’s sensitive state but wasn’t overly concerned.  Apparently, the crying is “normal” for her age and is an excellent means to vent.  Kandice and I went to see my Therapist today.  As they started to talk, Kandice wanted me to leave the room.  I was told later that they played games and spoke about her dreams.  Kandice dreams about Satomi all the time.  Sometimes it’s bad-like Satomi getting eaten by monsters-and sometimes it’s that Satomi’s just there.  When it’s bad, Kandice gets upset and wakes up crying.

I will be taking the girls to see the therapist for as long as necessary.  Kandice and Jillian both seem to like her.  It’s still early in the game but they seem to be taking the loss of their Mommy in stride.  We’re all very happy about that.

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