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Beautiful Day

by on March 27, 2011

Satomi would have liked the Service.

It was a beautiful day.  One of those days where the sun breaks through between rain storms.  Once I saw the sun break through, I knew everything would work out fine.

She looked beautiful, young, and vibrant in her lavender dress and white cardigan sweater.  There was so much makeup, I couldn’t see her beautiful skin and freckles anymore.  Her hands were crossed on her stomach.  She looked like she was just sleeping.

I’m sure that she would’ve loved the slide show.  Maybe a frown or two from some of my picture choices but overall not bad.  She loved Na Leo and IZ so the music would have been fine.  Ironically, several of the songs were also played during our wedding slide nine years ago.

The video of her at the hospital sitting in bed with Kandice and newborn Jillian would have made her cry.  It makes me cry every time I watch it.  I had considered including a portion of our wedding video-she was speaking to me about her love and happiness and all her hopes for our future together-but I decided to keep that one just for me.

We had about 380 friends and family join us-many that traveled from far away.  I was very happy with the turnout.  She would have been too.

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  1. Jennifer Dang permalink

    Sean, it was truly a beautiful service! Satomi was an amazing woman! She lived a very full and meaningful life though cut too short. I feel very fortunate to have known her through our support group and share a special bond. Thank you for sharing this journey of your life with us! You two have impacted so many people including my family in so many ways … We miss Satomi and she will always be in our hearts!

    Please let us know how you and the girls are doing and if there is anything we can do to help. You all are never far from our thoughts.


  2. Joyce permalink

    Hey Sean . . . The service was perfect. Satomi, I’m sure, is very pleased. You put a lot of thought and loving care into it (as you do everything) and did an awesome job. I really appreciate that you posted the slide show. Ashlie was able to see her Grandpa Tad, Ji-chan, and everyone when they were young. Makes you count your blessings, appreciate what you have, and realize that live is too short. Thanks for your outpouring of love Sean. Love you and the girls so much!

  3. Tina Ray permalink

    You did an awesome job! The service was a very loving tribute to Satomi! Thank you for including us! Though we only had 3 1/2 years together, feel like I have known you for years!! I will treasure the times I had with Satomi always! I also loved hanging out with you and the family. Please know that if you need
    a distraction, I am available!! Would love to have a day that would be to visit with you all each week! My love to all!

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