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by on March 12, 2011

So Satomi hasn’t shaved her legs in like two-years.  As her husband I know this to be true.

For the past few weeks, some of Satomi’s friends have commented on just how scraggly and log her leg hair has been getting.  When Satomi could converse, she would talk about various shaving techniques and her sensitive skin.  Now that her skin was so thin, she thought “Nair” would be the best option for her.

So I guess they finally got sick of waiting. Satomi’s friends, Irene and Brenda, grabbed the reigns and raided our bathroom cabinet. You all remember them from the infamous trip to the park and the shower.

I know there was talk about Nair but being typical hairless asian women, they had little experience with industrial strength hair removers.  I gave them my opinion (and yes, I do have experience with Nair) and after a brief debate of other alternatives, they opted for a standard shaver and gel.

I pulled together some of Satomi’s shavers but I also gave them mine.  My shaver vibrates and had a new head.  It cuts my whiskers like butter.  It’s what we used for her head.  With the gel cream stuff and a bit of care, it should work great.

So here are our hero’s with shavers in hand, post-shave.

It may be tough to see but the legs are as smooth as a baby’s bottom.  Definitely an improvement from scraggliness.

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  1. Melissa permalink

    We should all have an “Irene” and “Brenda”…AND “SEAN” for that matter in our lives! I’m so glad Satomi is blessed to have all of you!

  2. Tina Ray permalink

    Just like I said. . . You guys get to do all the fun stuff!! HAHAHAHAHA!! Love you lots, Brenda and Irene!! And of course, you, Sean, for the execution of the
    materials needed for the shave!! 😀

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