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Wednesday March 9th

by on March 10, 2011

Sorry that I didn’t post last night folks.  I know that apprehension increases with a lack of information.  I had a lot on my mind and instead of drinking a 6-pack, I tried to focus on work for a while.  And then I fell asleep.  So again, sorry about that.

Satomi’s Wednesday was sleepy-just like her Tuesday.  A couple of minor seizures that are almost unmentionable now.  The only real word she spoke was “OOOOOOWWWWW” whenever we moved her around.  The rest of the time, she had a blank stare.  It was a bit upsetting to see as I don’t enjoy being stared at anyway.  I gave all her medication in suppository form because choking on the oral meds remains a real worry.

I try to be efficient when the RN comes.  I gather my thoughts and check my meds inventory.  Writing this blog really helps organize my thoughts.  It goes fast so I feel like I’m a paramedic transferring a patient to the ER.  Yes, I’m a dork.

We talked more about her dehydration and food intake.  We also talked about more techniques to minimize bedsores.  We modified her sleep shirts to be quasi-hospital gowns.  Cut those suckers right up the back.  That way, the shirt won’t bunch up.

Our rolling her onto her left and right seems to be working to reduce back pressure and it also does a great job stretching her neck muscles.  Her lack of muscle tone causes her head to flop around so her neck is very painful now.  I’m picking up a neck pillow today.

She sat awake much of the afternoon but again didn’t respond to much.  Her visitors got a glance.

Bedtime was uneventful but again she wasn’t conscious enough to swallow so everything went the other way.

Sleep went easy and quiet.

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  1. Julia Celani permalink

    Sean, I have a never used sample “waffle mattress” made by a company called EHOB that may make Satomi more comfortable. I am not sure what kind of mattress she is on with relation to the Hospital bed. I have many years of experience in wound care. You are doing everything well. It can’t be easy repositioning every 2 hours. You must be exhausted. I love duoderm too.
    Anyway, if you want the mattress, let me know. My office is 714-953-2383.

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