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by on February 28, 2011

Today hasn’t necessarily been a bad day but there were definitely a few things going on.

She awoke at 6:30am and sat quietly; It’s quite reasonable since I gave her no sleep aid last night.  There was no pain but lucidity was mixed.  She ate a cup of apple sauce and some juice but she gagged a bit afterward.  She kept it all down but I delayed her morning meds to give her some time to absorb the nutrition.  An hour later, she took her medication as normal.  She slept intermittently until lunchtime.

We tried to feed her again but she refused everything except for a few sips of water.  She had two minor headaches in the afternoon-the first was addressed with 0.25ml of Ativan and the second was with a cool towel and a head massage.  There were also signs of some agitation and back pain, “Sit me up.  Move me to the side of the bed”.

This is disturbing for two reasons:  1) the pain was high enough to exceed her baseline dosage and 2) her consciousness did not improve accordingly.  She remained awake all afternoon and stared into the distance.  She didn’t talk much at all.

9:30pm UPDATE:  She was semi-conscious and took her bedtime medication just fine.  Her left ankle is really bothering her.  I repeated last nights restricted medications and she bedded down for the night.  No issues.

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