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Flashback: Satomi’s Odori-Part 2

by on February 28, 2011

I mentioned to her Mom that I needed photos of Satomi’s Odori and the next day I got a dusty bag of old photos.  Apparently she couldn’t find any of the albumns but these were the loose extras.  I took a look and it was exactly what I wanted.

Here’s our Satomi at five years old.

I’m asking around who the girl in the upper left is-I have an idea but not positive.  Satomi is the white-faced cutie on the upper right.  Her sisters are on the bottom.

Here’s Satomi (standing) before a performance with her sisters and sensei.

This is after a cultural performance when she was in high school.

She was always in parades and at Obon festivals.  I can’t tell how old she is when she’s in the garb.

In this one, she is practicing before her Natori “recital”.  To receive her Natori she had to perform a regime of dances on stage in front of an audience of several hundred people.

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  1. Tina Ray permalink

    These are so awesome!! What an amazing woman!!

    • Melissa permalink

      These are so great! Thank you for sharing this part of her life with us. I see so much of the girls in these pics. 🙂

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