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A Bit Better

by on February 26, 2011

I cut Satomi’s bedtime meds again and prepared for the Poo Monster to return.

Instead of the two Ambien she’s usually taken, she only took half of a single tablet.  Her oxycodone was maintained at a low 0.25ml but her Ativan remained at normal levels.  She awoke at 8:30am.  Her eye’s were open but her speech remained limited and slurred.  She took all her medication including her oral tablets.

I had given her a half dose of the infamous Milk of Magnesia in the early evening.  There was no sign of the Poo Monster so at bedtime, I laid out the disposable liners all over the floor, placed the glove and wipes boxes on the bed, and emptied the trash can.  With our luck, it would attack in the middle of the night.  I went to bed spectacle.  As of this morning, there was no sign of the Monster yet.

As the morning progressed, some of Satomi’s friends arrived for a few hours.  Satomi greeted them and ate a few bites of yogurt and apple sauce.  She even tried a few sips of fruit smoothy and had some of the fortified fruit juice.  We pushed water all morning.  There were a few scary moments with gagging but nothing serious.  This afternoon, I fed her the remaining yogurt and apple sauce left over from breakfast and more water.  I was very happy with that.

It’s now 4:45pm and Satomi is lying here in bed with one eye open.  She is in a daze and doesn’t talk when I prompt her.  Her breathing is a mix of gasps and short shallow breathing.  In any case, she’s tucked in, comfortable, and in no pain.

The results so far are promising so I plan to NOT give her any Ambien tonight but maintain her minimal Oxy and normal Ativan doses.  If the Poo monster doesn’t arrive, I may administer another dose of MoM.  We’ll see in a few hours.

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