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Flashback Series

by on February 26, 2011

It’s Saturday night and I’m sitting next to my sleeping wife.  I just fed her yogurt, juice, apples, and even a couple of treats and I’m wondering what I can do to bring a smile to her face.  My stupid jokes don’t translate well via dry-erase board. 

I’m looking around the room and I see a pretty wooden box on the shelf.  It’s her photo box and it’s been there forever. 

It’s also bad joo-joo.  I’ve been avoiding it for a long time.  Remember my “Happy Memory” post and my complete avoidance of reminiscing?  Well screw it.  I’m digging through the damn box.

So tonight I’m going to sort some pictures and the one’s that make her smile will get posted here.  I’m sure it’ll take a while but what the hell else am I doing on a Saturday night?

Also, if any of you have any photos that may make her smile, E-mail them to me at and I’ll post the suckers. 

If anyone doesn’t like the pictures I post (i.e. “That picture makes me look fat”), let me know so I can enlarge them.  Just kidding.

Thanks everyone!

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  1. Peg permalink

    I’ll email the Picts Irene sent me… And this quote made me think of you… Love is at its best when it longs for the good of the beloved – Charles taliaferro

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