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No More Potty

by on February 18, 2011

This morning I transferred Satomi from her bed to the bedside toilet.  She was very weak and had no balance whatsoever.  I was surprised that she could even stand up.

She sat there as we went through our normal potty routine but was in obvious discomfort.  Her back was painful and her butt is so skinny that she “falls in the hole”.

Her balance is so bad she can fall off the toilet.  This is shocking to see.  This bedside toilet is like an armchair-the only way you fall out is forward head-over-heals.  I just keep my arm across her lap like a safety belt and catch her whenever she leans forward.

We were getting ready for me to carry her back to bed and she gathered her composure.

She looked at me and said “Diaper?”

I wrote on the dry erase board, “The potty is too hard now.  It’s Diaper time.”

She nodded.

I got her back in bed and tucked her in.  It took a few minutes but she went back to sleep.

It’s entirely likely that she won’t remember this discussion.

2:00pm UPDATE:  She asked to go potty.  Instead I put her on a bed pan.  She didn’t understand and couldn’t use it.  I’m sure we’ll try again in a few hours.

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  1. Janice permalink

    Sending you and all much love and strength as you are in my thoughts.

    Janice Bacon

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