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by on February 18, 2011

It’s Friday morning and Satomi mostly conscious but confused and a little delusional.

But…she’s also in pain…What?  How can that be?

It’s not the crazy “roll around holding your head” pain but noticeable discomfort in her head and back.

I was warned that a 25mcg/hr patch may not be enough but I didn’t want to risk sedated her until absolutely necessary.

We’ll see how it goes today.  If it’s a matter of cold-compresses, back rubs and changing bed position, we can make that work. 

Anything more and we’ll have to weigh our options.


She’s had a seizure today while the Aide was giving her a sponge-bath.  Satomi is restless and has back and head pain.  She’s easily confused and can’t focus so I’d say she’s only partially conscious; In other words, she’s partially sedated.  I had to give her a partial dose of Oxy and Ativan to get her to sleep.  

The RN arrived this morning and I reviewed our pain versus sedation quandary.  She agreed that things are sensitive and advised that I should delay the next patch as long as possible and treat her pain with the Oxy.

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