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A Happy Memory

by on February 19, 2011

Last night before Satomi’s bedtime medication, she rested in bed.  I took advantage of this time to organize a few things.  I was scouring our records to compile all of our important papers-passports, licenses, insurance, birth certificates, etc.

In one of the boxes I found copies of our early Xmas newsletters just after we got married and before Kandice and Jillian were born.  I was very moved as I read them-Optimism and excitement for our future together, a jovial tone.

As I dug deeper, I found this picture and I couldn’t keep my composure.

Since starting this journey all those years ago I’ve learned not to reminisce much.  I never look at old photos.  It’s my Kryponite.  No one wants to see what happens when I’m exposed to it-All of my fluid drains from my body through my face and I lose rational thought.

I thought for a moment and decided against my better judgement.  I cleaned up my drippy face and woke Satomi.  It took her a minute to focus and realize what she looked at.  I could tell she recognized the picture after the look in her eye changed.

I joked about the 4″ heels that she wore that day and the nasty green funk that was floating in the water behind us.  You can see it if you look closely.

It was a happy memory and made Satomi smile.

  1. Christine Taira-Lin permalink

    I was just going through all my old letters and Christmas cards from family and friends, too. Loved looking through all of your family photos. We hope you find strength from all of your friends and family that love you. — Chris and Jer

  2. Tina Ray permalink

    how awesome was that picture!!! it truly is and was a happy memory!!!

  3. Jennifer Dang permalink

    What a beautiful picture — thank you for sharing it with us!

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