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Quick Scare

by on February 10, 2011

Satomi just had a seizure and this one was different.    It’s by far her worst yet. 

It started in one of her comfortable “safe” positions-rolled on her left side hugging a pillow.  Her Mom yelled and I ran in and sat Satomi up in bed.

This seizure was long-nearly four minutes.  There was no response at all for the first two minutes.  Her limbs and face didn’t contort excessively but were in a minor paralysis.

Her Mom was obviously scared.  I heard it in the tone of her voice and the cadence of her actions.

As I held her, Satomi’s face had an alarmed expression.  I tried to believe that it wasn’t a look of fear but the possibility really scared me.

I felt so helpless as I stared into her eyes.  The only comfort I had was knowing that she was not in pain.

We were all very relieved when Satomi finally responded but all I could think about was next time.

Afterward I asked Satomi of her recollection.  I wanted to know if she was scared.  Maybe luckily, she didn’t remember a thing.

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