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That’s Love

by on February 11, 2011

Thursday was a tough day for our Satomi so her closest friends, Irene and Brenda, decided to make Friday an excellant day.  You may remember Irene and Brenda from that misguided wheel chair escapade to the park last week.  So what was it going to be today?

Something so simple that we all take it for granted.


It’s been nearly been two months since Satomi’s had a real shower.  Those sponge bath’s just don’t compare.

As you can imagine, taking her from her bed into the hallway, through the master bedroom, and into the master shower took a bit of planning and effort. 

Easy for me though-I just supervised and took pictures.

Would it be inappropriate to make a joke about me posting pictures of my wife in the shower with two other women?  Sorry-I couldn’t help myself.

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