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by on February 10, 2011

Over these past few weeks we’ve seen her seizures drop to one or two every few days.  While the intensity of her headaches persist they seem to be less frequent.  That’s sort of a subjective measure as I haven’t kept a detailed log. 

The predominent issue now seems to be the somewhat random and persistent nausea.  I have used Compazine and Zofran to reduce the nausea but they have no obvious effect.  The RN advised that this is not unusual with brain stem tumors.  Digestion is controlled by the brain stem and any interruption in the signal pathway may result in a gag reflex.

Some days she’s hasn’t kept anything down.  While other days, it’s only been a few dry heaves.  It’s had an effect on her hydration and is likely contributing to her weakness.  We push liquids constantly but sometimes it’s an uphill battle.

Luckily she has adequate body weight to weather some missed meals.

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