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Anko Yukk!

by on February 5, 2011

Our friend, Peggy was nice enough to bring some Manju when she came to sit with Satomi yesterday.

For those that don’t know, it’s a traditional Japanese confectionary that typically stuffed with sweetened beans of various types.  It is quite popular.  Here’s a picture of a typical box.

Unfortunately, Satomi HATES azuki (black) beans and well, just about every other sort of bean out there.  Except for maybe edamame (soy beans). So I dug throught the box and found one filled with a white bean of some sort.

Anyway, I decided to give her a small piece this morning just as a treat and a small change from the normal routine.  

I was feeding her, alternating spoonfuls of miso soup, brown rice, some Korean seafood salad, juice, soup, rice, salad, and then I swapped in a bite of the manju….

“Anko Yukk!”   

Eating quickly stopped and drinking water started.  There’s no getting anything past her.

It was hilarious.

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  1. Peggy permalink

    LOL! I didn’t know that! Whoops! SOMEBODY liked them atleast! I know some were missing! =) Its funny, when I was buying them, in the back of my mind I was thinking somebody I know doesn’t like anko…
    Oh well!

  2. Tina Ray permalink

    HAHAHAHAHAA!! What a riot!! How’d the lunch go with Mitsubishi guys? Hope it was productive and successful!! See ya on Tuesday, my friend!!

  3. cindy permalink

    Peggy…you are making me want some yummmmmmy mochi now!!!!

  4. Joyce permalink

    That is such a pretty pic of the manju! Such gorgeous colors & shapes & sizes . . . Although looking at it makes me hungry! 🙂 Love the story, thanks for sharing Sean! 🙂

  5. peg permalink

    Cindy, I’ll bring some by your house next time! =) Atleast I know YOU’ll eat it! lol =)

  6. Jen permalink

    Peg shouldn’t taken dobash for Satomi! She wouldn’t have said yukk! : ) Give Satomi a hug for me!

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