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More Pain

by on February 3, 2011

Satomi’s pain is not under our control.

Since the patch removal incident last weekend, addition of more patches and early replacement on Tuesday, things have been swinging around.  Satomi’s either sedated of holding her head in agony.  It’s not as bad as the first major headache all those Saturdays ago but no less serious.

I had to give her a partial dose of Oxycodone in the morning and in the afternoon with several Ativan doses in between.  Last night it took two full doses of these meds to finally knock her out.

She’s had headaches and back aches intermittently all day.  Her right arm is also suffering from what seems to be nerve pain possibly stemming from the tumor itself.

She had a few spoonfuls of tofu in miso soup a little while ago.  Besides water that’s about all she’s had all day.

I was warned that as the medication dosages increase, control would be more and more difficult to maintain.  It couldn’t be more obvious to me than right now. 

I am working on the problem and hopefully things will “return to normal” by this weekend.  Hopefully.

Update 7:45pm:  The pain didn’t subside…it actually seemed to get worse.  So I sedated her.  She got all the Ambien, Ativan and Oxycodone that she could handle.  It’s only been 10 minutes but I think it worked.  Pain-free and quiet.  It’s so early that I may have to dose her again but I really hope not.  It’s just getting so much more complicated.  Crap.

Update Friday 1:30am:  She’s moaning in pain again.  It must be bad since it woke her from a sedated state.  It’s been almost six hours so she’s getting a full dose of Oxycodone and Ativan.  She’s calming, rolling over, and is returning to sleep.  I expect that tomorrow will be a sleepy lazy day.

Update Friday 8:00am:  Sleepy but responsive-Not comatose.  Satomi has visitors schedule for later but I may delay them so she can catch up with the sleep.  I’ll try to get better control of her pain this weekend. 

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  1. Joyce permalink

    Hang in there Sean! You are doing an incredibly, amazing job as Satomi’s loving husband, caregiver, and father to your beautiful little girls. I hope and pray that Satomi’s pain is under control again. No one can imagine what you’re going thru and you are doing the best job possible. Like you said, this is like war. Keep up the good fight!

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