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A Good Night

by on January 15, 2011

Athough I was very frustrated earlier, this evening turned out well.  Satomi is sleeping with on a minimal amount of restlessness.  The improvement is due to a dose of Oxycodone administered an hour befor bed time.

Honestly I am very concerned about Satomi’s bowels.  She’s already taken three doses of laxatives and drank a lot of water.  So far no luck.  I guess that will be for tomorrow.

Her pain regime today was light.  She had a few instances of headache pain but most subsided without pain-killers. 

Satomi had several guests today and tomorrow is a similar story.  I’ll be sure to monitor her energy level.

I’m alone on nightshift tonight but if things continue, with any luck, I can take a shower in peace.

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  1. cindy permalink

    Sean!!!! You are doing such an amazing job every day…Good job with the poop clean up. Good thing I came over after it was all clean.=)

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