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Sunday Morning

by on January 9, 2011

It was a terrible night and we had to make some hard decisions.

We had to medicate her.  In other words, we had to spike her system with drugs to sedate her.  It was hard, took all night, and was immensely stressful.  Satomi didn’t fully respond until 8:00am Sunday morning.  The nearly 16 hours of terrible pain started with numerous tablets of Tyleol with Codeine and Vicodin, and ended with full syringes of liquid morphine, Adavan anti-anxiety pills and Decadron.  I’m sure there was more but I just can’t remember.  Her reistance to the morphine was shocking.

Medication couldn’t be given orally so the adult diaper played an important role.  Many medications had to be crushed and put into a gel cap for insertion.  If this wasn’t done, there was a huge risk of vomiting.  All this and Satomi’s persistent memory lapses just made it a frickin mess. 

The Hospice RN that visited us at 9:00pm on a Saturday night explained that Satomi’s symptoms are classic for elevated intercranial pressure due to tumor growth or swelling.  To properly manage her pain, it may be necessary to keep Satomi in a sedated state.  She may not ever regain consciousness. 

After seeing the effects of the pain on Saturday night, we all agreed not to put Satomi throught that again.

  1. Gail Robb permalink

    I can’t imagine what you and your family are going through; I thought about you guys over the Christmas holiday and prayed you had a good one. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Keep the faith and hope.


  2. peg permalink

    …I keep typing and deleting…May you both be comfortable soon…
    what I think Aya remembers is that she was comfortable in the end, with the people she loved around her…
    I hope Satomi remembers the same and not the pain.
    love you guys,

  3. cindy permalink

    we are thinking of all of you and always know that we are here for you!!!!
    Love and many hugs…Yosh, Cindy, Kaden and Rhys

  4. Noriko permalink

    Dear Sean and Family,

    My name is Noriko Sasaki and I am Candice and Rick Takatani’s friend who has mentioned about Satomi. My friends, Christine, Janice and her church, Pastor Andrew (her brother in law) and his church and myself and small group have been praying for Satomi and the pain she has been going through. We are here with you and praying for you. Each and everyday you are in our thoughts. Anything you need, please do not hesitate to write to us or contact us. Candace has our phone and e-mail.

    Noriko Sasaki

  5. Melissa permalink

    We love you ALL so much and are praying for you. You are not alone. May the Lord’s comfort, courage, peace and strength be with each of you.
    Much love,

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