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Finally Sleeping

by on January 9, 2011

Satomi’s sleeping and quiet.  We on the other hand are distraught and tired.  We’ve been through a fight and my body feel like I got my ass kicked.  My brain is not working and I need coffee desperately.  We got a drug delivery at 1:30am so I need to revamp her entire medication plan.  I’m so brain dead that I’m sure to scew this up.  We need some help.  I called Satomi’s best friend for help.  She changed her plans and rushed over.  I was so thankful for a fresh mind.  A Hospice RN called and wanted to visit.  She heard about Satomi’s pain ordeal and wanted to check on us.  I told her that Satomi was finally sleeping and there was no way in hell that Satomi would be awoken.  I did say it nicely.  That was an unexpected but welcome visit.  The day was quiet and I was thankful.

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