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The Worst Night Yet

by on January 9, 2011

I need to keep this short.

Satomi’s in trouble. 

She’s been fighting a dibilitating headache since late this afternoon.  The pain is so bad she has neurological effects, dimentia, and loss of short term memory.  All our attempts to relieve her pain failed so we called in a hospice RN. 

The pain wakes her from a deep sleep.  She can’t get any rest and is miserable.  When she tries to roll around and get comfy, she has a seizure.  Its a terrible cycle that she’s repeated numerous times tonight. 

We had to medicate her with Morphine.  It may be necessary on a continuous basis if pain continues to be a problem.

Things are so different now than from yesterday.  We had to put her in diapers.

I cancelled all activities tomorrow.  We’re going to sit with her all night to make sure she’s ok.

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