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Lied! This is my last post!

by on December 30, 2010

Sorry – this will actually be my last post! I am so grateful for all of u caring for me and sending me positive prayers and thought I couldn’t sign off the way I did! Sean is out with the girls taking Kandice for her well check at her pediatrician’s office with Jillian – great bonding time with the family! Hopefully she got her flu shot since she had a fever last time! Jillian got the shot but not Kandice! They may go over to Yosh and Cindy’s afterwards to play with Kaden and Rhys since they live close by now! My mom here to help me if I need but just resting in bed, not moving! That is my reality now -wake up, take meds, eat breakfast, more meds – maybe go down for lunch, meds – go up to rest, snack, meds, go to toilet, snack/meds, dinner/meds, all around my med schedule so I don’t crash! Hopefully I will be able to have some quality time with girls and friends or this is just not worth it! I want to spend sometime with u all so please coordinate some time with Sean to come by to visit or this is not worth it! Sean’s cell (714)7497480 or e-mail -thanks! Just tell him I insist!

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