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ok – convinced to keep blogging as long as I can

by on December 31, 2010

Ok – my friend Charro is here and as well as e-mails from several of u, I have decided to continue blogging as long as i can to keep my brain active but one day I will just stop! I want to see u all sometime soon to personally thank u for all ur support this past month -i know things have deteriorated for me so quickly but as I look forward each day to see u, I feel like that’s one more day to look forward to! Hopefully, Sandra will be visiting from NJ next week and we can have a PT school reunion of sorts maybe potluck here at my house! Sean will have to coordinate! Also, maybe a Tustin reunion?! Irene will b coming by this afternoon! Can’t wait 2 see u all! Call or e-mail Sean if u want to stop by!

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