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maybe last post

by on December 30, 2010

Hello all! Today I have decided to no longer contribute my thoughts/feelings to this blog since I am going in/out of reality and don’t want to confuse u all on what is the truth – I have been corresponding with some of u via e-mail and I think for the most part have been honest (unless Sean says otherwise) and hope Sean keeps u updated on my condition the next weeks/months but I feel like my reality is not so clear so if I say anything contradictory, Sean can negate it! I feel like I’m in a fog and like to continue my e-mails/texts but not sure if I’m telling the truth! A part of me just wants to go away so I don’t suffer and my family suffer but then I also want to fight! But I have no energy! My reality is not tangible and I just feel helpless! I don’t want to just not wake up one morning! I can’t hear, can’t see, am always dizzy with a headache, overwhelmed with fatigue! I move my head and the room spins! Hopefully, these symptoms go away! Please have a great New Year’s Eve!

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  1. cindy permalink

    Satomi….you are a remarkable person…friend, wife and mom. thank you for updating us on your thoughts and health conditions on this blog. many hugs to you!

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