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Shaved my head!!

by on December 19, 2010

Sean got girls ready for bed then my mom came over so he was able to dry buzz my hair then wet shave it! The girls finally went to sleep (I think) and after shaving my head, my mom helped me take a shower! Boy, did it all feel good! The only thing was when Sean was shaving my head with the razor, he kinda has to push into my scalp and it really hurt but now that it’s shaved off, it feels soooo much better (no feel of being on fire). You don’t realize the direction your hair follicles like to go until you try to move them the other way! So I put the radiation cream on my scalp after getting out of the shower and it felt sooo good! Now, I’m here lying in bed, finishing this post and biting an apple and getting sleepy! Have to get up early tomorrow for my morning appts! Hope you all had a great weekend and have a great beginning of the holiday week!

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