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Restful Day!!

by on December 19, 2010

Yay! Today was pretty restful for me – no schedule to go by – tomorrow I’m meeting a naturopathic doctor friend to continue talking about eating healthy, and then to radiation all before 11a.m. so I’m glad I rested up today! I feel so weak from not doing anything but probably from meds, diet, dizziness, loss of hearing/vision (double vision) – all these things really have affected me hard!! In combination it’s really bad! If I had just one symptom at a time, it may be doable but they all come hand in hand and I don’t know how to control any of them really well except to not do anything! My mom should be here soon and I can finally buzz my hair! I now just have to remember where I put away my wigs/bandana! I think I know but can’t get them myself unless I want to fall over! The next 5 sessions of radiation will be the last -MTWTh then the following Mon I will be done! Thank goodness and hopefully it heals and gets rid of the cancer but just to be on the safe side, I will be getting my port-a-cath placed in my chest first week of January just so I can get more Herceptin IV so the cancer doesn’t spread again to the other parts of my body -which thank God has not yet but gotta be cautious! This HER2+ tumor really is aggressive!

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