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Second Day of Radiation

by on December 8, 2010

This morning, I was so tired, I didn’t get up to see the girls off to school. I know one of the side effects with the radiation is fatigue but I’m surprised since it’s only been one day. There must be a lot more to it like the dizziness, lack of hearing, the change in diet – has really made me tired! Even after going to my second session, I was really tired where I took a long nap! I’ve been taking more naps recently but now I feel like I have no energy or drive to do anything but rest! Even if I try to do something, I’m so dizzy that I feel very unstable and end up not doing it to be safe! After having those vomitting episodes yesterday, I decided to just try to eat healthy for a while and not take the supplements that make me gag! I find myself hungry but not wanting to eat since it triggers more gagging! I started drinking some Pelligrino and fresh squeezed OJ with it and it seemed to calm my stomach a little (I think the bubbles help a lot!) But hopefully it will get better soon -I can’t wait till everything gets better!

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