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Whole Brain-Day 2: Some Focus

by on December 8, 2010

The nausea is still prominent so she had to stop that Detox diet thing this morning.  The shakes and other foods were just too difficult to keep down.  She makes this hacking vomit noise that is just about the most awful thing I’ve ever heard.

Even so, Satomi seemed to have a better day today.  She slept a lot and she didn’t seem to suffer much.  Her activity was limited to travel to-and-from her 5-minute radiation session and a few trips downstairs to eat.  The session itself was uneventful.

But that’s from my persepective.  I just gave her a short note:  “Today was a better day?”  In a loud voice she said “No-the same as before”.  That’s sad but not surprising.  She may not show it but she’s still suffering.

I confirmed with our Oncologist that delaying the Portacath procedure would not be an issue.  With the upcoming Holidays, it couldn’t happen until January.  It goes against my expeditious nature but I think the extra time would be easier on Satomi with no downside beyond our annual insurance deductible.

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