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Went to see my oncologist this morning

by on November 29, 2010

She highly recommends that I do the whole brain radiation since we need to stop the cancer now from spreading and causing other problems. There are side effects so I was worried about that and she said what you read about the chances of personality changes and cognitive changes are less likely than what is written.  She’s seen many cases of people who have done whole brain radiation and there is not a high percentage of people who have those changes and to treat the cancer from spreading is more important. I was thinking of delaying the radiation and just change my diet but that may take a while to take effect and she has no problem with me changing my diet, just as long as I get enough protein. The change in my diet would consist of no meats, no dairy and no sugar. The no meats may be difficult but my family is willing to get some organic/vegetarian meals delivered to me so that I really don’t have to plan or make it since I really don’t know how to cook vegetarian! I’m still thinking about it because, if I don’t do the radiation and it spreads, I will regret it. But, if I do the radiation and it doesn’t do anything or makes me a different person, I will regret it. So, it’s a hard decision to make and I need to make it soon since we may start the radiation treatments as soon as next week. I started the diet change today. I really have to think about this one!!

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  1. Jennifer Apel permalink


    I was so sorry to hear about the cancer spreading. I am praying for God’s wisdom to guide you and Sean in your medical decisions. Thanks for updating the blog.

  2. Joyce permalink

    Hi Satomi & Sean,
    So sorry I missed you at Naomi’s. I was sick with bronchitis and a cold so I didn’t want to spread my germs to everyone. Just know that I love you, I’m thinking about you constantly and we’re praying for you daily. Keep up the good fight. You are amazing and my hero. Love, Joyce.

  3. Kathy Tagawa permalink

    ganbatte…we are thinking about you and praying that you will have a quick recovery…let us know if you need anything!

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