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Starting Treatment

by on December 5, 2010

Last week, I started on this detox diet to get rid of a lot of toxins that have built in my system and may be accelerating this cancer to grow – it is 14 days of gluten free, red meat free, dairy free and sugar free diet. I can eat chicken and small fishes on certain days but not everyday. And not all vegetables – like tomatoes, corn, potatoes – but should be as organic as I can get them which has been difficult, but I’ve been trying to keep the same things to eat (brown rice, veggies like broccoli/carrots, lots of green tea) but I have to make this shake every morning and I put some almond milk, frozen berries, a banana, ice and some powdered supplements to cleanse out my system which keeps me pretty full in the morning, but I still eat breakfast (usually brown rice and organic chicken on those days I can have chicken with some veggies). Today was the first day of the 4 that I have to take out the animal protein and the next 3 days will be difficult since I love my chicken! But I will do my best -my mom came over to cook me some stuff. My hearing, dizziness and balance have gotten worse these past few days and I’m needing more and more help to do things, so I hope this detox is helping hinder the growth of those bad cancer cells! Tomorrow, I start my 1st of 15 whole brain radiation treatments -I think I forgot to mention that I have planned to do both -watch my diet by detoxing first, then follow a diet that does not feed those cancer cells as well as do the whole brain radiation. Since my oncologist said it was important to do the whole brain radiation NOW- to stop the cancer from growing (which it has been doing since my symptoms have been getting worse) – I decided to start the detox (today is day 6 of 14 – half way there!) And starting the whole brain radiation will hopefully stop this cancer from growing! Also, next week, I have to get a port placed again in my chest to get IV Herceptin (may be with or without chemo) to stave off any of the cancer from going into the rest of my body. This is really going to be a crazy December! I don’t think there will be much holiday joy or happiness this year!

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