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Preliminary Reports

by on September 30, 2010

I had my MRI of my spine and X-ray of my kidneys, ureter and bladder (KUB) done last week and got the results back. Went to see my urologist yesterday and she says there are no signs of any kidney stones and no urinary tract infections! Yay! She says I have to drink more water so that the stones don’t come back and I don’t have to follow up with her for another 6 months! I got the results of my spine MRI and it says there are some mild changes in my spine but nothing major. We’re going to send a copy to the doctor who did my vertebroplasty so we can see if I need to do another one. With the amount of pain I have in my low back when I stand, I’m kinda disappointed that there wasn’t anything major since it feels worse than before and limits how long I can stand or sit. I need to be lying down or in a recumbent position to not have so much pain. I am also going to send a copy of the MRI to a friend who is a spine surgeon in Philadelphia to see what he thinks, if there is anything I need to do to relieve this pain and help me get more functional. Last night, I was able to go to a free educational inservice/dinner (my friend Irene took me) and saw a bunch of my former coworkers and had a good time (the speaker and the food were good, too!). I had to take my walker to get from the parking garage to the restaurant but once we had sat down for dinner, I didn’t use my walker to get around since it was a tight area and, as long as I had something to balance with (walls, furniture) I was ok. The dizziness is a little worse than before and I feel like it’s not getting better but I’m trying to endure it as much as I can. I think possibly the pain in my back could also be making me more dizzy since the pain and dizziness are getting worse at the same rate. I went to see my plastic surgeon and he said to address my back pain first before we complete my reconstruction. I felt that was a good idea. So, the saga continues…

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  1. Lisa Hinton permalink

    Hi Satomi! I’ve been following Sean’s blog for a while now – it’s so good to hear you’re doing better! I’ve been thinking about you so much over the past year and saying lots of prayers 🙂 We need to talk sometime and catch up! Take care – Lisa

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