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What to do next?

by on October 14, 2010

Got word back from my spine surgeon friend and my interventional radiologist (who did my vertebroplasties). They both say that from the MRI, there is nothing that bad in my spine that warrants surgery or another vertebroplasty and believe it’s most likely due to the kyphosis (hump in my back) that is causing the increased pain since it’s more of a postural pain (not constant). The curvature of my upper spine effects my lower spine so when I stand or sit without support, my back can’t keep the proper posture against gravity in a vertical position. Gravity is not my friend right now! I went to PT the other day and did a lot of stretches for my back and shoulders (like lie on a half foam roll) and did some strengthening exercises in a horizontal position and it felt better after doing it. But later, after standing up and doing activities in that upright position, here comes the pain! I probably have to do more stretches and strengthening in the horizontal position to get my spine and core muscles stronger so I think I’m going to up my physical therapy intensity (either do it more at home or go to PT more than once a week). Water therapy will be good, too, so I will have to utilize our jacuzzi more (I need to get some water toys). I will probably go ahead with completing my reconstruction to get that out of the way. I may talk to my neurologist to see if I need to see a pain specialist. We’ll see. I guess I should be glad there is no major problems in my spine – I just have to get stronger and stretch out more.

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  1. Janice Bacon permalink


    Think of you often and sending you all of the best.


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