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Medical Status

by on September 16, 2010

I am now going ahead and following-up on my medical stuff I have yet to complete. Since I had the brain tumor in April 2009, I put the completion of my reconstruction on hold to deal with the tumor and now, a year and a half later, I am finally seeing my plastic surgeon on Monday to finish that up (and possibly seeing if there is anything I can do with my stretched skin). Also since having the Lithotripsy (the shockwave therapy to get rid of my kidneystones), I am going to see my urologist at the end of the month and will be having an KUB (an x-ray of my kidneys/ureters/bladder) next week. I am also having more back pain, especially when I stand for a few minutes, in my low back and I think it has to do with the 2 lumbar vertebrae that I didn’t get reinforced with the vertebroplasty (since they looked ok at the time) – I think that now that I am more active, those 2 vertebrae are getting a lot of pressure on them that they are not able to hold it very well. There seems like I have a lot I need to take care of but at least I am on the upswing of my recovery. I do feel a whole lot better but still dizzy and if I can get rid of the back pain, I will be much better overall!

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  1. Mitzi permalink

    So glad to hear satomi!! Wishing you all the best. Keep that positive spirit!! Love ya!!

  2. Dave Kawada permalink

    Hello from Honolulu! I am sooooo glad to see your writings on this blog which really says that you are back and in better condition. I had sent you e-mails at the last address I had and also sent a couple of snail letters some time ago. Hope you got them. My e-mail is attached so please feel free to contact me direct. I believe you have moved as well? So many things. But I’m glad you are improving. The time with your kids are precious. Take care!

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