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New Schedules

by on September 7, 2010

Last week was Kandice’s first full week at her new school. I walked her on Monday, Wednesday and Friday mornings to school – it’s still too hot to walk to/from school in the afternoon but I also have to pace myself since I can’t do everything like I did before! I want to be able to do the things around the house like I used to but now it takes me 10 times longer to get them done since I need multiple breaks! I have therapy on Tuesdays and Thursdays so I try not to do 2 major activities in 1 day (for now). The more active I am, the more my back hurts and the more tired I get. I am going to see if there is anything else wrong with my back since it’s still very painful, especially when I’m up doing stuff. It limits the amount of time I can spend doing something (like I need to sit down multiple times). It’s starting to get cooler so hopefully I will be able to walk Kandice more but I want to be able to tolerate more activity. We had some friends over on Sunday and I had a great time and wasn’t too exhausted – just a little tired but I was able to rest on Monday and spent some time playing with the girls so that was good. If the back pain gets better, I think I can do much more even with the dizziness. But as long as I’m dizzy, I can’t drive which drives me nuts!

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  1. Pegs permalink

    Hang in there, Chica! You look great!

  2. Margot permalink

    So good to hear about your progress. I’m sorry we missed out on Sunday, we were in Mammoth for the weekend. I’m glad the weather has been favorable for you to walk to Kandice’s school. You have and will continue to be in my prayers. 🙂

  3. Charro Scott permalink

    Seems like you’ve come a long way! I hope your back gets worked out. I think of you often & am glad you are posting your progress. Take care my friend! 🙂

  4. Janice permalink


    Glad to hear that you are out and about. Think of you often and sending you my prayers.


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