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Some Good News

by on August 11, 2010

Today I went to see my Endocrinologist (who’s been watching my thyroid function and also helped me wean off the steroids) and my Oncologist and have some good news.  My cholesterol is down to normal limits and my weight is down!!  Then, my oncologist said that I’m probably in “remission” from the cancer – but I don’t want to be too optimistic since I had that 2nd tumor pop up so we decided instead of totally going off the chemo drugs, I would just cut one of them out and keep taking the other just to ensure that this thing doesn’t come back.  I also have to do more tests (I need to do another Brain MRI now and another Echocardiogram in a couple months) and won’t have to see my oncologist for 4 months unless something comes up on my MRI.  My endurance is definitely getting better and my core strength is slowly getting stronger so I guess I’m on the right path for a decent recovery!  I just hope this dizziness gets better since it just frustrates me!!  Today was a good day with some good news!  I just hope it gets better and better!

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  1. Charro Scott permalink

    That’s great news Satomi!

  2. candice & rick permalink

    it’s truly an inspiration every time we see you. you are remarkably strong and positive, and get better and better each day. one day at a time, keep the faith, and stay strong!

  3. Pegs permalink

    YEAH!!! Ganabare!!! =)

  4. Yuka permalink

    woo hoo!!! ganbatte!

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