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Getting Stronger!

by on August 3, 2010

I just finished my PT session and was able to walk on the treadmill at 1.5 mph with a 5% grade for about 5 minutes with my body weight supported with a harness and walked for a total of 20 minutes at 1.2-1.5mph from 0-5% grade and really didn’t huff and puff too much -I was actually able to talk with the PT without getting short of breath! My endurance and strength is definitely getting better – just wished this dizziness would get better at the same rate! Now I’m pretty much up most of the day, but I definitely still need a lot of breaks (especially lying down) but at least I’m not in bed most of the time! I’m trying to get back into a daily routine since Kandice will be starting 1st grade at the elementary school just down the street on Aug 25 – I’m planning to walk her to and from school as much as I can – I’m also looking into starting to do some work – not as a treating therapist since I can barely keep myself balanced but possibly consulting or something – anyone have any suggestions? I’m thinking it would be good to work part-time as a consultant or possibly continue doing wheelchair assessments but I’m open to doing different things since I think I’m getting strong enough where I can work on a part-time basis – I just have to look into it a little more.

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  1. Pegs permalink

    You go girl! You are an inspiration for sure!

  2. Jennifer Apel permalink


    So glad to hear of your improvement. I have been following Sean’s posts for the last year. I have been praying for you recovery. I hope you can find some kind of consulting work.

    Jennifer Apel

    • satomicarol permalink

      Got your message – thanks, Jen – hope you and your family are doing well! Take care!

  3. Mitz permalink

    Hey Sat!! Keep up the great work!! Can’t believe the little ones are growing so fast. It was great seeing you last weekend. Thanks for making it all the way out. Hope to see you again soon! Love you girl! Photos are up on

    mitz 🙂

  4. Fukutes permalink

    Thanks for the updates Satomi! Glad to hear your getting stronger and getting into a daily routine! Keep up the great work! Thinking of you.

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