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by on June 26, 2010

As I’ve mentioned in about a thousand of my past postings, my entrepreneurial spirit has taken a huge hit from our long road with cancer.  I’ve been trying for months to rekindle what used to be core to my personality.  It’s been a painfully slow process but I am happy to say that I’ve made some measurable progress.

For several months now, I’ve been talking with a former co-worker about a new business venture. At first I didn’t take it seriously but in the last couple of months my efforts have become more focused and we’ve made good progress toward formalizing this new endeavor.  I’ve begun talking with people about office space, composing business plans, and as soon as he blesses it, I think we’ve even selected a business name.

Over my 18 year career in the environmental equipment industry, I’ve had a few original design ideas.  I finally took my own advice and patented one of those ideas.  This newfound patent will be one of our core engineered products.  I am in process of designing a solvent recovery system based on my partners experience.  If all goes well, this will also be part of our engineered products.

I have already begun marketing my patent and have some presentations scheduled in the weeks to come.  The patent and subsequent licensing of the technology is an interesting and somewhat complicated process.  I’ve had to retain an Intellectual Property attorney.

Hopefully this business is up and running in the next few months.  In the mean time, it is the perfect means to get my spirit moving around again.

Not to jinx our good fortune but it seems that things are getting better.

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