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In the ER again

by on July 1, 2010

Satomi’s had a 102F fever and chills for the last couple of nights. The chills stopped this morning so we thought the fever passed. A couple of hours ago I checked and it was 103F.

We called some of our doctors for input but its basically unexplained. So here we are-sitting in the St Joseph’s ER again.

We just got through Triage and we’re describing her symptoms and history. This is always a tricky time: Do we give the super long history or the short just-what-they-ask history? And by the way…her temperature is normal now! Crazy!

They took about a gallon of blood and an Xray. There was even talk of admitting her for observation.

Her fever is still down which is good but test results won’t be back for at least an hour. I had to cancel my afternoon meeting. Hopefully I won’t need to cancel my dinner meeting too.

The test results are back and everything is negative. We won’t get the cultures back for a few days but we’re going to treat it like a viral infection. Tylenol for fever and wait and see.

We should be discharged soon.

Update:  July 5th

The ER doctor called and asked about Satomi’s fever.  It’s normal now so there is no concern.  Apparently there was indication that Satomi had some sort of bacteria in her urine but he didn’t mention what it was.  We’re going to follow up with our other doctors but we’re happy to say that for the most part, this issue is closed.

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  1. Pegs permalink

    I think a bug’s been going around. Jake had that a few weeks back, Ally had it last week and Katie has it this week. Just fever…and then it went away. Wierd.

  2. Mako permalink

    Man… high fevers suck.

    I’m glad the tests (whatever they were) were all negative. Hope you had a good 4th of July weekend.

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