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Visual Therapy-Concluded

by on June 25, 2010

Satomi’s “intensive” visual therapy sequence is now concluded.  Did it help?  To find out she needs to re-take the tests done before therapy.

Take a look at my post “Vision Baseline Tests” from back in May.  Remember Satomi’s crazy drawing of the pumpkin over a pear over a elf head?  Specifically, do you remember how messed up Satomi’s rendition was?

Well according to Satomi her post therapy drawing looked exactly like my “photoshopped-correct” rendition.  I usually wouldn’t take her word for it but I wasn’t there on that day and she neglected to document her work of art.  Trusting her word for a moment, I was quite impressed and encouraged that she had made some quantifiable progress. 

I’m going to go with her next week and ask that the test be repeated so I can post a photo of it here.

Satomi’s double vision and dizziness continues to be her primary problems and this therapy seems to be improving it.  She will be continuing her sessions for the forseeable future.

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