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One Less Form of Stress Relief

by on April 28, 2010

Today is my last day with what I used to call “my primary form of stress relief”.  The lease on my 2008 BMW M5 is up.

On the most part I’m sorry to see it go.  Over these past many months, I hadn’t had a lot of opportunity to use it.  I’m turning it in with less than 23k miles and had paid for 30k miles.  Some of you may find that sacrilegious.  Believe me-I do too. 

Admittedly I did feel disingenuous driving it.  We’re as broke as ever and here I am driving an expensive car.  I did try to return it last May but the cost would have been the same. 

I will miss the 507 hp V-10 engine, 8200 rpm redline, 7 speeds, and 4.5 seconds 0-to-60.  As a close friend observed, “the brake discs are bigger than my wheels on my car…”  Funny but cool in an egotistical sort of way.

I definitely won’t miss the big-dollar lease payments, 12 mpg and that damned iDrive system.

I’m turning it in at 10:00am tomorrow morning.

It’s been fun.

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One Comment
  1. Pegs permalink

    It’s ok, S. Mini-van life for us all isn’t a bad thing. =)

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