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A New Look

by on May 3, 2010

When I started this blog, I selected the color scheme and layout almost randomnly.  I was rushed and had many things on my mind. 

The blog was dark with only a spark of color.  It was a bit plain but full of useful information.  Sort of like me, I guess.

Well, things are looking up (and I was getting bored) so I decided to change the look.  This time, I painstakingly previewed almost all 81 of the possible “themes”.

I selected this one mostly because of the right-column of information.  It’s awfully convenient and detailed and I like that.  The colors are still a bit gray but definitely lighter than before.  The typefont remains hideous but overall, it is one of the nicer “themes” available.

In any case, I hope you like it as I do.

From → Daily Life

One Comment
  1. I like this format much, much better. It is SOOOOOO much easier to read than the dark background and the font was smaller, so dark and small = hard to read for me! 🙂

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