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A Bit Easier

by on June 23, 2009

My Parent’s read my blog.  In our daily routine we usually just have time to say hello and goodbye as we pass each other in the Kitchen.

We all had taken a lot of comfort in Satomi’s Mom coming over every day to help us.  My Parent’s learned that this plan may be a bit flawed through my blog.

This afternoon, my Mom told me that they changed around their plans and my Dad would stay for (3) extra weeks to help with the girls. 

Satomi cried.  (I would have cried too but I burned my hand making Fried Rice for Satomi’s lunch.)

We didn’t even have to ask them to do it.  Now that’s unconditional love.  I am so proud that they are my Parents.

We are so thankful.  Things just got a bit easier.

  1. Just sending love…to all of you…We’ll have to send your Mom and Pops to the spa or something once things settle down. =)

  2. candice & rick permalink

    you both have shown so much strength and courage and have come so far from when this part of the journey began. if you could look from the outside in, you’d be impressed with yourselves and have have a different insight into why we all respect, admire and love you so much…

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