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T minus 5 days and counting

by on June 22, 2009

That’s 5 days left until my Parent’s leave for San Jose.  It’s always on my mind and it weighs heavy.

My stress level is through the roof and my emotional stability is very low (2 on the 5 scale).  I actually woke up this morning with a stress headache. 

Strangely, my worry this morning is focused on the girls lunches-How, what, and when.  Yesterday afternoon, my Mom tried to tell me what they liked and how she prepared it.  I was not so receptive-Just distracted I think.

We’ve decided to reduce Kandi’s swim lessons to once a week.  It’s just too difficult to rush dinner and pull everyone together to take them over to the pool after a long day of work and school.  The $100 a month savings is also nice.

Satomi had a goal of increasing to full days beginning today.  She would still limit her time to 3-days a week.  When I left for work this morning, she hadn’t decided if she felt up to a full day.  I told her to take it easy.  If necessary, my Mom could still pick her up.  Beginning next week, I would have to leave work at noon, drive her home, and then return to work.  Far from ideal but doable, at least for the short term.

I’ve been sick for the past few days and it has really slowed me down.  In the whole scheme of things, we can’t afford my being sick.  My Parent’s watched the kids on Saturday so I could sleep for a few hours.  I skipped the Father’s Day BBQ at the in-laws house and slept some more on Sunday.  This morning I feel about 75% but I still have that headache.

Jillian is increasing her hours at Pre-School today.  She used to go half-days 3-days-a-week.  Now its full time 5-days-a-week.  We all think she has matured enough to handle it.  I asked Kandice to watch out for her little sister on the playground; She enthusiastically ageed.

There are a lot of important things potentially happening today.  Hopefully they work out.

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  1. Mako Jitodai permalink


    All I can say is keep that head up, brah, keep that head up. It really sounds like the stress of everything is taking it’s toll, which is totally understandable. Take a breather for yourself while your parents are still around if possible. It is tough to think of your kids, your wife, your in laws, your finances and your work. It really leaves no room for yourself. Someone once told me that no one will ever take care of a father in a “young” family, so the father has to take care of himself. That’s what you have to do right now.


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