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Swim Lessons

by on June 29, 2009

Our daily life is so much more hectic than it has historically been.  After dinner and a long day, it’s a huge stress to deal with getting the family together and getting the girls to swim lessons twice a week.  On those days, baths and bedtime are delayed as much as an hour and all of you with kids know that a daily routine is important.  So we are opting to reduce swim lessons to once a week.

Kandice will miss the extra lesson since she absolutely loves the water.  She’s made obvious progress each time she goes.  Although we do pay for an actual lesson, Jillian mostly just sits on the step and splashes around.  She’s not so comfortable around the teacher or deeper water yet.  I doubt if Jillian will even notice the reduction to once a week.

Of course I also like the cost savings but it’s mostly a means to maintain my sanity.

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