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A Worrisome Sunday (Part 1)

by on June 9, 2009

This past Sunday was a difficult one for Satomi.  She was very fatigued from a long Saturday and her lack of recovery wore heavy on her psyche.  It was very frustrating-She was sad and a bit depressed.  I was quite happy when Satomi’s best friend called to check up on her.  As I later found out, Satomi took the call as opportunity to vent her frustrations.  Her friend remained positive and upbeat but Satomi had a lot to say.

Satomi is frustrated with her slow recovery-Dizziness, fatigue, and double-vision.  It’s been months since the initial operation and just wants it to be over and done with.

Satomi is also very worried about the details of our everyday life.  The kids are especially concerning. 

As most of you know, my Parent’s have been living with us for the last few years.  They came a few months after Jillian was born.  It allowed Satomi to return to work quickly and time to care for her seriously ill Father.  Their help gave us a fairly normal life through all the treatments and operations in 2008.  With this most recent brain tumor, we didn’t have to worry about the welfare of Jillian and Kandice.  They provided stability when (at least in my mind) there was none.

Now they need to leave.  My younger sister is very pregnant with her first “children”-She is having twin girls and needs my Parent’s help.  Her due date is (I think) sometime in July however, we all know that multiples have a tendency to come a bit early so plans are being made now.  My Parents are delaying their departure as long as possible.  It looks like the weekend of June 27th will be it.

Satomi is worried about this transition because she knows how much my Parent’s contribute-the girls laundry, breakfast, and lunch; taking them to school and sometimes picking them up too; cooking everyone’s dinner; doing the household grocery shopping; taking out the garbage; and cleaning the bathrooms.  I’m sure there’s more but that’s all that come to mind at the moment.

My present plan is to do everything myself-I mean, nearly every other family in the world has to manage this stuff, right?  Call me naive but I think I can hold things together-at least for a while.  Satomi is worried about my delusion.  I don’t think she doubts my abilities-At least I hope not.

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  1. pegs permalink

    Sending hugs, and peeps want to know Irene’s email address…

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