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Kandi’s Recital

by on June 6, 2009

[Authors Note:  6/9/09]  This event was important to all of us and so I guess you can see why Satomi stood in line for an hour in the sun.  This was the beginning of a long day and was the basis of her fatigue and emtional instability on the following Sunday.  So was it worth it?

Our eldest daughter Kandice had her first dance recital this past Saturday.  She had been taking an informal dance class at her pre-school every Wednesday afternoon-She loved it.

Call me dense but I didn’t realize that it would lead to a recital.  With everything going on with Satomi, I didn’t pay much attention to it. 

I’m so happy that we followed through with it.

Our Girls Pre-Recital

And a photo of all the women in my life.




Here is a short sampling of a video I took of the dressed rehersal.  Kandi’s second from the left. 

If you look closely on the far right of the stage about 30 seconds into it, you can see the little girl’s shoe fly off-Frickin’ Hilarious! 

I’m a lucky man and we’re so proud.

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  1. Akemi permalink

    Love the pics of the girls. Just wanted to let you and Satom and all the family know that Matt and I (and Katsuko-obachan) are thinking of you always… sorry we’re so far away in Chicago. We’ll be home for a visit in September — hope to see you all then! Gambatte!

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