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A good day

by on June 5, 2009

Satomi went to work today-Admirable-thinking yesterday was a battle-stations kind of day.  She was very productive but pushed the Physical Therapy a bit too hard. 

Apparently her PT team listens to their beloved Supervisor quite well.  Satomi asked her PT to push endurance exercises today.  It knocked her on her butt (Physical Rating 3).  Ha-She asked for it!  She’s in good spirits (Emotional Rating 4). 

I, on the other hand, am not so happy (Emotional rating of 2).  I didn’t sleep well at all and my performance at work was unfocused.  The ER episode yesterday really bothered me.  I thought about it and after a few hours of reflection think I know why.  I am worried about the future.

When my Parent’s leave, emergency episodes like yesterday would be significantly more difficult-We would have had the kids to deal with.  It is entirely possible that in a similar situation in the near future that Jillian and Kandice would have been in the ER with us.  That would have been unbearable.

If it does occur again, our basic plan is to call Satomi’s Mom to come and get the kids at our house before going to the ER.  The problem is that it takes a minimum of 25 minutes from her house to ours and in cases like we just had, every minute counts.  Out of necessity, I would have had to take the girls to the ER with us and the nightmare scenario becomes reality.

I’m working on an alternative plan.

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